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The R&CHS Journal is published three times a year, containing authoritative papers and articles by members, objective book reviews, and with an annual bibliography of books and periodical literature. To give you a flavour of its contents we have a number of articles from previous issues of the Journal available on the web site.

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BELOW are listed the articles for the ’New Style’ journals which commenced with ISSUE no.210 — MARCH 2011

In addition to the articles listed, there are always an extensive number of BOOK REVIEWS in every issue

Journal 210 front

Number 210 – March 2011

Some Observations on Transport History Book Publishing: a view from the first seven years of the R&CHS Book Awards – Tim Edmonds

The Exeter Great Western Railway: failed broad gauge route to the South West – John Cox

Burton on Trent Canal and River Trade – Ray Shill

A Terrible Accident – Frank Shackleton

Travelling Steam: Pascoe Grenfell MP and the London Northern Railroad – Penny Watts-Russell

Aspects of the LNER Music Society – Philip Scowcroft

Journal211 frontcover

Number 211 – July 2011

Joseph Locke (1805-1860): pioneer engineering project manager – Martin Barnes

The North Cornwall Coach Company Ltd – Michael Messenger

The Aberdeenshire Canal up to 1810 – David Pearson

British Transport Review – Andrew Dow

North British and Caledonian Railway Rivalry in Peeblesshire – John Duncan

Railway Investment in Manchester in the 1820s – Paul Reynolds

The Eytons and the Shrewsbury Canal: three generations of involvement – Neil Clarke

Journal 212 front cover

Number 212 – November 2011

Early Lectures on Railway and Canal History – Stephen Bragg and Martin Barnes

Trent Navigation Improvements in the 20th century – Ray Shill

The Stroudwater Canal 1954: the end and the beginning – Joan Tucker

Canal Boatwomen on the Oxford Canal 1944–45 – Mike Constable

Canal Reservoirs and the Effects of 20th century Legislation – David Henthorn Brown

A Review of Transport and the Law of Deodand – Adrian Gray

A Maglev for Brighton? – Peter Brown

Road Transport in Doncaster – Philip Scowcroft

Journal213 frontcover

Number 213 – March 2012

Butterley Tunnel Wide Hole – Hugh Potter

The Canal Association 1855–1947: a brief survey – Peter Cleasby

Saving the Waterways in the post-war British Isles: interpretations and assessments – Joseph Boughey

Transports of Savoy Delight – Philip Scowcroft

The Origins of Railway Passenger Transport – Paul Reynolds

The Marston Rock Salt Railroad – Colin Edmondson

150 Ways of Crossing the Line – Allan Brackenbury

150 More Ways of Crossing the Line – Allan Brackenbury

Journal214 frontcover

Number 214 – July 2012

Canal Boats, Canal Children and Social Reform – Adrian Gray

Great Western Railway Excursions in the 1930s – Bill Crosbie-Hill

Reverend Joseph Townsend and the Kennet & Avon Canal – Richard Vandewetering

Local Taxation and the Victorian Railway Companies – John Duncan

The Macclesfield Canal Company – Interactions and Relationships: part 1, 1826–39 – Graham Cousins

Brunel, the Great Western Railway and Music – Philip Scowcroft

Journal215 frontcover

Number 215 – November 2012

The Railway Mania – Fraud, Disappointed Expectations and the Modern Economy – Andrew Odlyzko

The Forth & Clyde Canal – Conflict and its Motto – Jean Lindsay

Disaster in Nottingham – Adrian Gray

The Fiery Jack, part 2 – Carl Shillito

The Macclesfield Canal Company – Interactions and Relationships: part 2, 1840–1850 – Graham Cousins

Early Locomotives on American Banknotes: what the engravers got wrong and what they got right – Alan Levitt

The Railway Interests of a Shropshire Landed Gentleman – Neil Clarke

Journal216 frontcover

Number 216 – March 2013

Not on Beeching’s List – Tim Edmonds

A Review of the Beeching Era – Allan Brackenbury

Measuring the Impact of the Beeching Axe – John Kennedy

The Whitby–Loftus line: ‘a more spectacular example of a loss-making branch would be hard to find’. Is this really the case? – Michael Aufrere Williams

Ughtred Kay-Shuttleworth and Waterways Development – Joseph Boughey


Number 217 – July 2013

Trent & Mersey Canal Early Notices and Posters – Peter Brown

Travelling Steam: Pascoe Grenfell and the Great Western Railway – Penny Watts-Russell

Transport Modes and Conversions: a general essay – Joseph Boughey

James Walker and Engineering the Birmingham Canal Navigations – Ray Shill

Newton Abbot – a memoir – David St John Thomas


Number 218 – November 2013

Light Railways before 1896 – Michael Messenger

Sir John Fowler: portrait of an engineer – Carl Shillito

Inland Waterways Development 1911–1920: the Waterways Association and Neville Chamberlain – Joseph Boughey

The Viaducts and Tunnels of the Whitby–Loftus Line – Michael Aufrere Williams

journal219 frontcover

Number 219 – March 2014

John Cooke Bourne (1814–1896), lithographer: Drawings of the London & Birmingham Railway (1836-1838). Chapter 1 – John van Laun

James Bough (d.1796) and Samuel Buf (1727–1806), forgotten engineers of the Birmingham Canal Navigations – Ray Shill

The Inception and Demise of the Roman Fossdike – Pat Jones

A Difficult Year in the History of the Whitby, Redcar & Middlesbrough Union Railway – Michael Aufrere Williams

Why did the Chester Canal Fail? – Peter Brown

Is there a Brunellian Viaduct at Tonmawr? – Robin Simmonds

journal220 frontcover

Number 220 – July 2014

The Process of Privatisation : the Chiltern Railways example (Clinker Memorial Lecture) – Adrian Shooter

’They Flow for Country and People’ : landowners and early canal development in England – Lucy Lead

Change and Interchange: the evolution of the M4 motorway at Maidenhead – Tim Edmonds

John Cooke Bourne (1814–1896), lithographer: Drawings of the London & Birmingham Railway (1836–1838). Chapter 2 – John van Laun

Journal 221 frontcover

Number 221 – November 2014

John Hore - Man of mystery? Man of genius! – Mike Corfield

Closing a line before Beeching : the end of the Whitby–Loftus line – Michael Aufrere Williams

Additional observations on Tring summit water supplies – Alan Richardson

John Cooke Bourne (1814–1896), lithographer: Drawings of the London & Birmingham Railway (1836–1838). Chapter 3 – John van Laun

Understanding the history of aquatic plants in canals: the example of the Chesterfield and Cromford Canals in Derbyshire – Raymond Goulder

’Remembrance of a riot’

jornal 222 frontcover

Number 222 – March 2015

Steam, the Shannon and the Great British breakfast (Clinker Memorial Lecture) – Brian J Goggin

Two railway rhymes – David Hodgkins

The Oldham family of railway contractors – Brian Lewis

John Cooke Bourne (1814–1896), lithographer: Drawings of the London & Birmingham Railway (1836–1838). Chapter 4 – John van Laun

Memorials to railway and canal individuals – Robert Humm

Notes on the British Newspaper Archive – Paul Braithwaite

The private property debate – Victoria Owens

Journal 223 frontcover

Number 223 – July 2015

James Brindley and the (unbuilt) Monkey Island Canal – Victoria Owens

The Victorian railway in retrospect – Jack Simmons

Waterways history research: progress, prospects, problems and limits – Joseph Boughey

John Cooke Bourne (1814–1896), lithographer: Drawings of the London & Birmingham Railway (1836–1838). Chapter 5 – John van Laun

Large-scale toll contracting in the early twentieth century : the case of James Percy – John Goodchild