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The Railway & Canal Historical Society is for you

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The Railway and Canal Historical Society is for everyone with an interest in the history of transport — not just inland waterways and railways, but also tramroads, roads, aviation, coastal shipping, ports and pipelines — from the middle ages (or before) to the day before yesterday.

We’re here to put you in touch with people who share your interest through our meetings, events and publications; to keep you up to date with what’s being published and what’s happening in the world of historical archives; and to give help, advice and encouragement to you to carry out your own research and publish it for everyone’s benefit. Many of the best books in our field during the more than fifty years of our existence have been written by Society members.

We’re serious about history — but we want to make studying it something you can enjoy.

We’re especially proud of our Journal which is published three times a year, containing authoritative articles by members and objective book reviews.

The society organises an annual Transport History Book of the Year award, which includes prizes for books in various categories of tranport history.

What's in this Website

The website tells you about the Society’s work and interests, and how to get in touch with us or where you can find our meetings — everyone welcome — and, of course, how to join us. It will also tell you about the publications we have available.

If you’re already a member we’re adding more information for you to access.

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