• Thirlmere Aqueduct: Diagramatic Representation (B Parkinson)

Pipelines & Materials Handling

Although pipelines and materials handling do not have the immediate visual attraction of other forms of transport and are therefore a minority interest in themselves, they have had a considerable impact on the history of other transport modes by reason of the competition they have presented. Besides the work of researching their history as a subject in itself, the Group is performing a useful function in making information on intermodal competition available to those engaged in researching other modes of transport.  The Group publishes Notes, Queries, Sources and Occasional Papers in its Newsletters and welcomes contributors.

Sample of Papers recently issued :-
70_Kensworth_Pipeline       Graham H Wild
71_Gas_Holders                    Graham H Wild
72_Wind_Turbines               Derby Telegraph

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The group co-ordinator is Philip Scowcroft, 8 Rowan Mount, DONCASTER, DN2 5PJ, who can be contacted via the email address:  wild141@talktalk.net.