Air Transport

The primary aim of the Group is the exchange of information among members by the periodic despatch (about twice annually) to members of a Newsletter, Occasional Papers (written by members and others and in some cases to be regarded as possible drafts of papers for the Society’s Journal) and other written material concerning the history of aviation.

The following are examples of Papers recently distributed. Click on links to view:

336   The Tadley Mustang                                 Brian A L Jones
337   The Westland Whirlwind                           Philip L Scowcroft
338    Two Lesser Known Hawker Aircraft of WWII        Philip L Scowcroft
339   Voisin Types In British Aviation Service 1914-18 Philip L Scowcroft
340   “Lizzie” : The Westland Lysander              Philip L Scowcroft
341   Bristol Scouts In Naval Service 1915-16   Philip L Scowcroft
342  The London Aircraft Production Group      Brian A L Jones
343   W E Johns And Biggles : The Reality and The Legend Philip L Scowcroft
344   The Blériot XI                                           Philip L Scowcroft
345   The Short “225”                                       Philip L Scowcroft
346   Some British Training Aircraft Designs of World War II Philip L Scowcroft
347   The DH.10 Amiens                                    Philip L Scowcroft

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The group co-ordinator is Philip Scowcroft, 8 Rowan Mount, DONCASTER, DN2 5PJ,
who can be contacted via the email address: