Crossing The River

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Fords and Ferries on the Shropshire Severn

by Neil Clarke

24 pictures; 3 maps

Softback ISBN 978 0 901461 62 9

h =234mm, w = 156mm, 64 pages


This book arose from a series of three annual lectures the author gave in recent years to joint meetings of the Friends of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum and Broseley Local History Society.

His initial interest had been river crossings in the Ironbridge Gorge, but he discovered that although the bridges had been well documented, there was little to be found on the earlier crossings.

This appeared to be the case for the rest of the county, unlike other counties through which the Severn flowed. In Montgomeryshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire works had been published on their fords and ferries.

He felt the need to rectify this omission and put Shropshire on the fords and ferries map.

“well-researched evidence from documents, historic maps and memories” — Waterways World


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