President:  Mike Clarke

Vice-Presidents:  Gordon Biddle, Grahame Boyes, Wendy Freer, John Gough, David Joy, Michael Lewis, Michael Messenger and Ian Moss

Council members (elected): Roger Brice, Philip Brown, Peter Cross-Rudkin, Tim Edmonds, Gerald Leach, Stephen Rowson, Philip Scowcroft, Matthew Searle, Ray Shill,  and Roger Taylor

Council members (nominated by Regional Groups):  Douglas Robinson and Graham Wild

Managing Committee members: Philip Scowcroft (Chairman), Roger Brice, Peter Brown, Mike Clarke, Wendy Freer,  Stephen Rowson, David C Smith and Roger Taylor

Chairman of Publications Committee:  David Joy

Hon Secretary:  Peter Brown

Hon Treasurer:  David C Smith

Membership Secretary:  Andrew Wager

Publicity Officer:  [vacant]

Secretary of Publications Committee:  Stephen Rowson

Journal Editor:  Paul Reynolds

Reviews Editor:  Matthew Searle

Bulletin Editor:  Tony Jervis

Book Awards Co-ordinator:  Philip Brown

Sales Officer:  Neville Birch

Webmaster: Roger Brice


Regional Group Secretaries:

Special Interest Group Co-ordinators: